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TS-GX1 rotary capping machine

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TS-GX1 rotary capping machine

TS-GX1 rotary capping machine

Product Name: TS-GX1 turntable filling screw cover one machine
Model: TS-GX1


TS-GX1 Rotary Filling and Capping Machine Product Details:
Technical Parameters:

Product Model TS-GX1
Applicable bottle diameter φ20mm-φ60mm
Applicable bottle height 50mm-150mm
Applicable cap φ20mm-φ50mm
Rotation speed ≤ 60 bottles / min
Gas pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Air consumption of 200L / hour
Power / total power 220V / 50Hz / 1.5Kw
Weight / dimensions 800Kg / 2400mm × 1200mm × 1600mm

Product Details:
1, this product set filling screw cap in one, a high degree of automation for food and beverage, such as chemicals.
2, the machine filling part of the servo motor drive, volumetric metering filling principle, to achieve a high precision filling measurement.
3, capping part of the cover system, scraper, gland, clamping, bottle and screw cap to complete the automatic screw cap.
4, the machine has a stable and reliable operation, high production efficiency, adaptability and strong features.
5, easy to adjust the measurement, with automatic continuous transfer device, high precision, electric control, easy to operate, filling the amount of digital display, allowing you to transfer accurate and convenient.
TS-GX1 转盘式灌装旋盖一体机

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